March 23, 2015

About Us

At our goal is to provide fun and interactive learning experiences that children of all ages can enjoy. We’ve found that kids use every opportunity to learn, and often only need the right equipment placed in front of them to piece together complex ideas about how the world works.

We test and review toys that fit into the STEM and Finance fields. Skills in these fields are in high demand and show no sign of slowing. We want to help children build a love for understanding how the world works and how to solve problems, and the best way to enjoy what you do is to play.

There are many sources for interactive toys and projects for children. Our goal is to test as many of these as possible to provide you with unbiased insight to help you make the right decisions about which toys are right for your children and for the budget you wish to spend.

Meet The Team!

Come find out who we are and why we care so much about this.

Our Rating Process

Everyone child has different needs. We’ve developed a rating system that will help you pinpoint the toys that will be right for you or your child.


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